Website Technology: So how do you actually build a website?

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Simple Website Service

| Updated August 17, 2023

The world of technology is a wonderful place. In fact, it’s like a world within the world. Moreover, the technology space has its own language and its own way to everything that the non-technical layman does in the physical world. Subsequently, part of this world is websites and website technology. Let’s dive into this world and go over how to actually create a website. Read on for the full scoop…

What makes up a computer?

A computer consists of hardware and software. Firstly, hardware is the physical parts of the computer.  It consists of the screen, the keyboard, the computer chip and so on.  Secondly, software is the code that gives the computer instructions on how to behave. Consequently, press the enter key and the software tells the computer what to do.

What is computer code?

Computer code or a programming language is generally a series of numbers, digits or characters.  In fact, this is what gives a computer instructions on what to do. Subsequently, the brain behind a computer is the software or code, which is programmed into the computer chip.

Code defined

A programming language is a system of notation for writing computer programs. Most programming languages are text-based formal languages, but they may also be graphical. They are a kind of computer language.

The type of code that is used to build a website

The type of code used to build a website is different to the code that makes up the software component of a computer. In fact, there are many different types of computer languages. Moreover, websites are mostly built by mark-up languages or object oriented languages.

The most common types of code used to build websites are:


Javascript is popular to use in computer gaming development and is good to use if rich graphics are being used.


HTML is an essential and very widely used language in website development.


Is used in conjunction with HTML for ascetics on websites. It gives instructions on the size, color and position of elements.


PHP is a great language to use to build your first website. 

Who builds websites?

A website developer who can write in one of these types of code, builds websites using the code. In fact, the web developer uses an editing platform like Notepad++ or Coffee Cup to write the code up in. 

There are a few different types of website developers, namely:

Back-end web developers:

They create the website’s structure, write the code and verify the code.

Front-end web developers

They work on the visual parts of the website.

Full-stack web developers

Full-stack developers do the job of both the back-end and front-end developers.


Webmasters are website managers and detail with maintenance.

Website designers

Web designers use block building technologies to design a website and use the same technologies to maintain those websites.

Why you would want us to build your small business website

This is all very complicated and although interesting, if you don’t want to become a computer programmer, I am sure you would rather leave it for another day.  But, you still need a website to grow your small business?  We have the solution. Simple Website Service makes getting a website for your small business simple.  We can handle the entire website build for you, in four easy steps, with very little input needed from your side. Let us do the tech so you don’t have to, book your free consultation today.

Simple Website Service is Turn-Key

Our turn-key approach to website design, launch, hosting, backup, and maintenance takes away all of the burdens that come with creating and maintaining a top-quality website. Our team is always available and ready to assist in any way necessary to ensure that our clients have a website that reflects their brand and attracts potential customers.

In short, we designed Simple Website Service to take away all of the burden of website design, launch, hosting, backup and maintenance.

We’re Always a Phone Call Away

We know that the problems our customers face are common. Outdated and not user-friendly websites that do not display properly on many devices can make it almost impossible to attract and retain clients. With Simple Website Service, these concerns are a thing of the past. Our completely turn-key service offers endless possibilities. Our team is always available to assist with all things related to your website, no matter what. We are always a phone call away. 

Simple Website Service provides a sense of ease and comfort to our clients, letting them know that getting a great website does not have to be difficult or expensive. Our approach removes any fear of change, a common concern for business owners who have either had a bad experience in the past or don’t know where to start.

Simple Website Service has the potential to transform your business’s online presence. We are fully committed to providing a transformational impact on our clients’ businesses, giving them an edge in today’s competitive market. So, if you’re a small business owner looking for a hassle-free website builder with professional support, look no further than Simple Website Service.

Simple Website Service

Simple Website Service

Simple Website Service is an affordable, turn-key, custom professional website service for small business owners. Our website design solution comes with full ongoing support for updates, maintenance, security and backup. Our customers speak with a REAL person. With over 100 customers, our singular focus allows us to keep costs down for our customers. Small business websites are ALL we do. For over 17 years, we've listened to our customers - small business owners who need help creating professional websites that truly represent their brand. But, traditional options are expensive and time consuming while templated do-it-yourself solutions fail to capture the essence of what makes their businesses unique. That's why we created Simple Website Service for small business owners who don't have the time to wade through the complexities of a web project.

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