Website Advantages Explained – Part 1: Why would I want a website for my small business? Uses and Applications

Simple Website Service

Simple Website Service

| Updated August 29, 2023

The truth is a website can do a lot for your personal brand or small business. In fact, many people are afraid of technology or don’t see the value in a website.  This is to their detriment. As there are a host of benefits that come along with a dedicated website. There are 5.3 billion internet users in the world as of 2023. This means 65% of the world’s population uses the internet. In addition, the number of internet users is expected to reach 6.54 billion by 2025.  This means the party is online. If you want to do business, it’s the biggest networking event you will ever attend.  Let’s look into the reasons you would want a website for your small business or personal brand. In addition, what you could use your website for.  Read on…

uses and applications

Why would I want a website?

Interestly, there are certain phases a consumer goes through when they purchase a product or service.  In fact, this is part of a marketing theory called the consumer lifecycle. To clarify, the consumer lifecycle is the theoretical breakdown of this process. Subsequently, it follows the consumer through various stages. Importantly, at some of these stages your website plays a vital part.

The consumer life cycle theory goes like this:


In the first stage, the prospect discovers the business. Either through SEO, paid ads, or social media. The best way to be discovered is to create content that relates to what people are looking for. As well as what the brand has to offer. Here the focus needs to be on the target’s informational needs rather than only creating sales messages.


The customer considers their purchasing options. This is where the brand needs to make purchasing its product or service seem like the obvious choice. Content types such as welcome campaigns, customer reviews, and detailed product descriptions are effective.


At the conversion stage, businesses need to persuade prospects to take action and purchase their product (instead of a competitor’s). They can achieve this by providing access to content such as product recommendations and calls-to-action.


This stage focuses on keeping the customer and bringing them back to purchase again. It encourages brand loyalty. This is the stage where loyalty programmes and exclusive discounts (based on the behavior of the customer) make sense.


Here, the necessary steps are taken to turn loyal, long-term customers into brand advocates. The best way to do this is by encouraging brand followers to create and submit user-generated content on social media. This in turn provided ‘word-of-mouth’ or as some say ‘word-of-mouse’ which helps other customers through the consideration stage.


Lastly, the reactivation stage requires brands to employ strategies that get in touch with their “lost” or inactive customers by sending re-engagement emails to past, once-off customers to encourage them to “come back” to the brand.

It is important to note that a customer’s journey may not be linear and they may not pass through all the above stages in order. To make things even more complex these contact points can occur across multiple channels. An effective lifecycle marketing strategy takes this into account and develops communication based on each customer segment’s journey.


Firstly, during the attraction and consideration phases your website is vital to ensure you are in the running for the product or service the consumer is looking for. In fact, if you are online, the consumer can discover your business.  Secondly, it can work for you in terms of brand building. In addition, during the consideration phase the consumer can gather all the information they need from your website to make their decision. Therefore a website can increase the number of customers you get for your small business. Therefore, you would want a website for your small business or personal brand.

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Uses and applications of a website

So, now that we know that you would most definitely want a website and why, let’s look at the uses and applications of a website.

Uses of a website

Here are a few examples of what you would use a website for:

  1. You small business

  2. Your personal brand

  3. A full-time business

  4. A project or side hustle

  5. A collaboration

  6. An NGO

Applications of a website

A website can do a few things, namely:

  1. Get the word out about your business

  2. Promote your product or service

  3. Provide information to your audience about your business, product/service, personal brand or project

  4. Act as a great tool for brand building

  5. Act as a way to find your physical location

  6. Work with other digital tools to boost sales or build your brand

What are the blockers?

Firstly, there are various blockers to getting a dedicated website. Secondly, you can overcome them simply. In a survey conducted by Upcity it was found that across the United States and Canada 40% of businesses don’t even have a website.  The respondents were asked why they don’t have a small business website and 72% stated the reasons where as follows:

  • 40% don’t think a website is relevant to their business/industry
  • 21% use social media in place of a website
  • 21% don’t have the necessary technical expertise
  • 18% lack the financial ability or necessary human resources

How can I overcome them?

The fact is that a website is great for business, in any industry.  Absolutely, it shows off your brand in a better light than social media.  Thus, due to it being like a blank canvas you can tell your story on.  Therefore, when it comes to technology and cost, we have the perfect solution.  At Simple Website Service, we do the tech so you don’t have to and our websites cost half that of the industry norm. 

Subsequently, to break through the blockers, save money and get it all done for you,
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Simple Website Service is Turn-Key

Our turn-key approach to website design, launch, hosting, backup, and maintenance takes away all of the burdens that come with creating and maintaining a top-quality website. Our team is always available and ready to assist in any way necessary to ensure that our clients have a website that reflects their brand and attracts potential customers.

In short, we designed Simple Website Service to take away all of the burden of website design, launch, hosting, backup and maintenance.

We’re Always a Phone Call Away

We know that the problems our customers face are common. Outdated and not user-friendly websites that do not display properly on many devices can make it almost impossible to attract and retain clients. With Simple Website Service, these concerns are a thing of the past. Our completely turn-key service offers endless possibilities. Our team is always available to assist with all things related to your website, no matter what. We are always a phone call away. 

Simple Website Service provides a sense of ease and comfort to our clients, letting them know that getting a great website does not have to be difficult or expensive. Our approach removes any fear of change, a common concern for business owners who have either had a bad experience in the past or don’t know where to start.

Simple Website Service has the potential to transform your business’s online presence. We are fully committed to providing a transformational impact on our clients’ businesses, giving them an edge in today’s competitive market. So, if you’re a small business owner looking for a hassle-free website builder with professional support, look no further than Simple Website Service.

Simple Website Service

Simple Website Service

Simple Website Service is an affordable, turn-key, custom professional website service for small business owners. Our website design solution comes with full ongoing support for updates, maintenance, security and backup. Our customers speak with a REAL person. With over 100 customers, our singular focus allows us to keep costs down for our customers. Small business websites are ALL we do. For over 17 years, we've listened to our customers - small business owners who need help creating professional websites that truly represent their brand. But, traditional options are expensive and time consuming while templated do-it-yourself solutions fail to capture the essence of what makes their businesses unique. That's why we created Simple Website Service for small business owners who don't have the time to wade through the complexities of a web project.

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