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Simple Website Service (SWS) is a comprehensive, turn-key, fixed-price website design, development and ongoing support service designed specifically for busy small business owners who have no time for a “web development” project.

SWS is ideal for small business owners and solopreneurs who need to focus on building their business and have no time for a web development project. Our customers want a professional, custom website for a low price.

Getting a new website for small business owners is a daunting task. Even after a successful launch, getting affordable and timely support for updates is often difficult. We solve this problem by offering an affordable solution for design, development, launch, maintenance, and back-up for the entire life of our clients’ business.

Our service is fast (typically 15 business days or less), turn-key and does not require our clients to have any knowledge of websites or web hosting. We seek only long-term relationships and will support our client’s websites for life.

We have several competitive advantages

  1. We focus on small business owners;
  2. We do not speak in a high-tech language (or even any kind of tech language at all).
  3. Our customers speak with a dedicated person for our life-time relationship with them;
  4. We offer a single price for design/setup and monthly maintenance.relationship with them;
  5. We support our customers for life – we never take projects where we design a website and hand it over to a customer without ongoing support
  6. We remove all mind traffic from a customer for the design, launch and ongoing maintenance of their website.

We charge $999 to design, develop and launch a new client’s website from scratch.

We charge $99 per month for ongoing maintenance, hosting, backup, software licenses and ongoing updates.
That’s it. We do not have another pricing model.

Our design, development and website launch service is guaranteed 100%. That is, if our customer does not like what we have designed for them, we will re-do the work. If we can not satisfy them, we will refund 100% of their money.

Our ongoing maintenance service is month-to-month and does not require any contractual obligation.

Our customers get to talk to a real person. We support everything about their website.

We have over 70 happy customers who have posted Google Reviews. Our customer reviews are also on our website. As well, we have a Customer Success page that showcases our customer’s websites.

SWS makes getting and maintaining a new website easy and affordable for small business owners. We learn about our client’s business, gather any materials they already have about their products, services and brands. Then we design and launch a website for them with as little or as much involvement as they would like. Once launched, we provide ongoing support to maintain, backup, secure and update their website.

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