5 websites to Inspire Your Small Business

As with any form of creativity, we look to the world around us for inspiration.  This is also true when it comes to website design. Moreover, the creative process is a personal one and differs according to the designer working on the design of the website. In fact, the best the management team can do is facilitate this process and guide the designer where possible. Mostly, the creative elements to consider are colors, fonts and graphic or video style and copywriting style.  

Subsequently,  graphic designers work on creating the graphic elements, videographers work on creating the videos and copywriters write the text that makes up the design of a website. Consequently, the brand determines the fonts, styles and tone. 

We thought it was appropriate to create a list of websites to inspire and guide people in creating the best website for them.  Therefore, here’s our list of websites to inspire your small business.

1. Brick Mill

Websites to Inspire - Brick Mill

Brick Mill creates custom made furniture. In fact, they offer a wide range for every room in the house.  Moreover, Brick Mill splits their product range into rooms or collections (which look like they are based on style).  Subsequently, the website shows off the products well and navigation is easy to find what you are looking for.  

The style is true to the nature of the product and is visually appealing. Consequently, it’s very easy to get in touch with a top banner containing call buttons. In addition, there is a chat function on the website. 

Have a look at the full Brick Mill website

2. Kai Leung - Canadian Composer & Conductor

Kai Leung 2

Kai Leung is a much acclaimed Canadian Composer and Conductor. The website reflects his passion for music. The website showcases Kai’s musical projects well. Overall, it has a very sophisticated look and feel, with modern elements that are kind to the eye.  Navigation is easy and the copy stands out well so is easy to read. This is truly a website to inspire.

Have a look at the full Kai Leung website.

3. North Bay Counseling

North Bay Counseling offers evidence-based therapeutic services to address any mental health challenge their clients may be facing. As counseling can be daunting, the website’s bright colors instantly cheer you up and make what is daunting seem not so bad.  In fact, It’s easy to book an appointment on the website. Moreover,  the website includes bios of the team, which also makes one feel instantly at ease. 

Websites to Inspire - NorthBayCounselling.com

Have a look at the North Bay Counseling website.

4. Be Pampered Spa

Websites to Inspire - BePamperedSpa.com

Be Pampered Spa is a sanctuary offering various beauty services.  In fact, as a recluse from the busy world outside, the spa offers a peaceful space. The website is calming and evokes thoughts of relaxation and well-being.  Moreover, this is achieved through the use of colors and graphic elements.   Consequently, navigation is easy and with the phone numbers of both locations easily visible. 

Have a look at the Be Pampered Spa website.  

5. Netos

Websites to Inspire - Netos Cleaning

Netos offers commercial cleaning services. The website is bright and just looks clean! Absolutely, clean cut images and bold copy give confidence. Moreover, there are easy ways to get in touch to book your cleaning and navigation is easy. 

Have a look at the full Netos website here

Websites to Inspire Your Small Business

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